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Web Design is easy to ignore the problem: site planning (1)

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Web page hosting is easy to ignore the problem

When people visit your site, they will immediately subconsciously judge:

How about this site? Worth of seriously children?

Whether the value he added to my bookmark to go, you know, in the virtual world of network information, the Internet provides opportunities for world harmony,
Also let the virtual world filled with countless commercial sites, waste sites, most sites lack the soul,
Subject, East West, a hammer a stick, loose, confusion, reason is the lack of planning and design.Therefore, in order to make your site from those countless sites stand out,
It is necessary to prepare the site for the entire co-ordination arrangements, planning, all thecontents of fine Italian discretion, put all the ideas together to design a sensible rational organization of the page style.
Here we have to explore specific site planning design and web design.

1), the market investigation stage

Learn about the current state of development and the same internet site web design development, operating conditions, to learn their strengths , identify their strengths, to make a survey of the market,

Clear theme of your site, find a good starting point.

To be continued ~!


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