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MySQL and phpMyAdmin relations (2)


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The phpMyAdmin is a web form that MySQL database management tool, so that the web hosting users do not need to install any software you can log in and modify the database . phpMyAdmin can even create new databases, modify, delete, etc. operations can still be used to back up the database.


PHP + MySQL is already present web hosting company’s mainstream clothing, so most of the web hosting companies will even related services directly naming names, for example: MYSQL Hosting, PHP Hosting and more.


Finally, you can make a conclusion: MYSQL and phpMyAdmin can be said that both are indispensable situation, phpMyAdmin is already the most users choose to use a management tool, and if there is no presence of MySQL, phpMyAdmin nor useful, so Both normal circumstances will co-occur .


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MySQL and phpMyAdmin relationship (1)

MySQL is a database, which is used to manage MySQL phpMyAdmin is a web version of the tool.


General web hosting service , there will be a non-basic services database, and Hong Kong or Taiwan , and even the world is slowly becoming mainstream PHP web programming language, PHP with MySQL is a free database has become a very well known and flow technology .


MySQL is a free database system, although not such as DB2 or Oracle databases fees to compare, but for the average SME commercialstorage or individual users has been very adequate. There are many large sites have also been based on php + mysql as the mainstream technology.


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網頁寄存技術介紹1:網域域名(Domain Name)(2)


網域域名主要功用是可以譲用戶使用互聯網時能夠很簡易地搜尋興趣的網站而用戶不需要理會像火星文般的 IP 位址。IP 位址是一組以四個點分隔的數字組合。例如:Yahoo 的是指

網頁寄存技術介紹1:網域域名(Domain Name(2)


網域域名主要功用是可以譲用戶使用互聯網時能夠很簡易地搜尋興趣的網站而用戶不需要理會像火星文般的 IP 位址。IP 位址是一組以四個點分隔的數字組合。例如:Yahoo 的是指向 IP 位址106.10.165.51。你只會記得 Yahoo 的網域域名,你不需理會它的IP位址也可以去到 Yahoo 網站。


向 IP 位址106.10.165.51。你只會記得 Yahoo 的網域域名,你不需理會它的IP位址也可以去到 Yahoo 網站。


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Internet entrepreneurs (3)

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It is important to realize that it will not be so easy to grow very successful just because it is a strong desire an entrepreneur really work . There will be a lot of uphill struggle and conflict along the way. Bill Gates to succeed is to know that this is not a simple process he became the world’s richest men. 

An Internet start up even in his enormous difficulties to contend with him. But like anyaccomplished corporate home of his beliefs and ideas and tenacious in his goal of layinga solid faith . 

He insisted that his convictions. This should be a dreamer to advance to a profitableInternet company’s idea of inspiration to millions. Every Internet entrepreneur if he needs to finish what he wanted he would have been set up to make specific ambitions. But these ambitions are realistic and achievable. 

To be continued ~!

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Web Hosting evaluate your web hosting requirements (3)

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Web Hosting evaluate your web hosting needs (3)

Data transfer / bandwidth requirements

Bandwidth or data transfer hosting the most important and one of the concepts confusing. Forpersonal website bandwidth may not need so much but for a corporate website ‘s bandwidth can be much higher. To calculate your bandwidth just decide your website and your monthly total number of visitors is expected to total size of each page. It will give you a rough idea of ​​what you need bandwidth. However, this is a general formula depends on your type of website you need the bandwidth will be more different.

Email POP access

Web hosting companies also provide you with facilities like e-mail address to select based on their own domain but there are some you need to consider such as the total number of e-mail account you can create important factor is a catch-all email account web hosting company . Also if you need to you need to make sure if the host offers you the ability to forward the e-mail so you can receive e-mail to give you some other ID so that you can receive e-mail account that you use the most.

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