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Web Design is easy to ignore the problem: site planning (2)

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Continued on back ~ !



2) You envisaged Website scale how much?

For the site is not blind how to make much want, but at this stage according to their own capabilities,

As well as the size of the enterprise, make sure your Web Design site is small, medium,

Large-scale sites , or start a small scale, and then gradually develop.

This is mainly related to the site post-maintenance and website development to consider.

3) to determine the category of the website, what you want the site to have design features

Depending on the subject , form and characteristics of enterprises themselves, the site design also has different categories,

Roughly be divided into: content-based, designed to supplement, focusing on the speed of this large-scale professional website ,

It is generally reflected in the professional icp, isp provider crafted website,

In the design of such websites do not get too fancy, you should pay attention to the amount of information;

The second most enterprises in order to better promote their products, expand sales,

Make their products to the world , to improve their corporate image and the production site,

This website production should be combined with the characteristics of their products produced specialty sites,

Relatively focus on product marketing; third is the image of the type of site,

In general this site is reflected in the relative government departments, as a window of foreign,

This website design is relatively more serious; fourth is a personal home sites,

This site is relatively free from any constraint,

Each person according to their own strengths free play .

So we made ​​clear their home when the first positioning direction ,

To design their own site.

To be continued ~!


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