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Web Design is easy to ignore the problem: site planning (3)

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Web Design is easy to ignore the problem: site planning (3)

Continued on back ~ !

Four), your main target audience is? 
According to the site categories are different, the target audience is not the same, there are businessmen, professionals , 
Students; women, men; children, youth, middle-aged, the elderly; Or all of them, 
Websites such as education class is relatively target audience is college teachers and students. 
Class makeup, skin care products such sites are women and so relatively speaking. 
Five), to determine the overall style of the entire site In fact, this principle and traditional print publications no difference. 
You all the images on the page, text, including such as the background color, the dividing line, font, 
Headings, footnotes, or something, must be unified style, through the whole station . 
This way the reader looks comfortable, smooth, your site will leave a “very professional” impression. 
To give a simple example. If you listed a number of one thousand two hundred thirty-four case 
With black dots on each front enhance the visual effects , then other similar places 
Should also be used to keep the same style. Colorful site, with particular attention to style unity. 
Colors can be changed, but the font, text alignment style body, title, 
Background effects and special image effects, and so should remain unified. 
Many lack of editing, publishing background, friends, it is easy to overlook this point, especially more than one page, 
Easier to forget. 


To be continued ~!


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