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What kind of web hosting service is most suitable for erecting Discuzsystem?

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What kind of web hosting service is most suitable for erecting Discuzsystem?

For this article we Discuz! Discussion system to explain what kind of web hosting companies the most suitable installation Discuz.

Discuz is based on php + mysql, but many people insist on linux host is the most suitable to run php.

So I have listed below a few requirements and personal recommendations:

web hosting services need to support PHP + MYSQL (at least a MYSQL) -Must

server platform is best Linux – Proposal

3. FTP upload and download unlimited traffic – Recommendations (somecompanies restrict traffic to the site, and even customers in FTPuploading and downloading are also counted)

4 Technical Support Quick Reply – Proposal

5 speed stability and universally accepted

In fact, most of the web hosting company’s services also support the creation of forums, but it must be noted that because of your forum forum space development and rapid growth, we must always pay attention to, if necessary, please remember to take the initiative to web hostingcompanies to upgrade the service plan or rent a larger space.


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