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For this article we Discuz!

For this article we Discuz! Discussion system to explain what kind of web hosting companies the most suitable installation Discuz.


Discuz is based on php + mysql, but many people insist on linux host is the most suitable to run php.


So I have listed below a few requirements and personal recommendations:


web hosting services need to support PHP + MYSQL (at least a MYSQL) -Must


server platform is best Linux – Proposal


3. FTP upload and download unlimited traffic – Recommendations (somecompanies restrict traffic to the site, and even customers in FTPuploading and downloading are also counted)


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Web Hosting evaluate your web hosting requirements

Web Hosting evaluate your web hosting requirements (2) 

web space for your web hosting needs of one of the most important factors depending on your site’s size and type. Today almost all web hosting companies mention infinite space, but if you do not require a large space for example, you only need 100 MB or smaller space for your site is just HTML-based and there is no need to pay extra. Just look for a web host provides you meet your requirements package. usually counted in all the pages of your website will give you a space for yourweb space requirements ideas.

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He may be employed

There are many exciting and profitable focused and ambitious entrepreneur internetopportunites. The typical internet entrepreneur can be anyone. 

He can be an experienced businessman a stay-at-home father, a college student or even full-time job with two other people. To get all the required success is a great idea and enough start-up capital start site . 

Internet entreprenuer may only high school education, or he may have a doctorate. He may be employed or unemployed. 

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he server from the network company information

Hong Kong rented host refers to the user according to their business needs through the Hong Kong room to rent a server for their own use, the server from the network company information provided. Using server rental manner as may be Newsbook Limited on behalf of installation systems, application software, free server monitoring, backup and other services , but also by their own line installation and management server .