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ready to invest much money

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youare ready to invest much money , how to run thissite? 
Accountable for theirwebsite to make a rough estimate, how much money, 
How much money youare ready to operate this site, 
Assuming productionsite after a good how to run the site , 
Is to do all byyourself, or commission a professional service to do, 
Their periodicguidance, or the set requirements, target entirely by someone else do it . 
This problem can notbe ignored, if a pre-made website better, 
Nobody latemaintenance is empty, like a newly built streets, 
Clean, people preferto come here shopping, falling, and 
People take morepeople, more garbage when no one came tube, so that the garbage piledmore 
Certainly people walkless and less. The course of time have gradually been forgotten. 
Website operatorsalso this principle . 


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